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KH Rewrite-New World
Once on the gummi ship, Donald and Goofy took their spots in their seats and sighed. Roxas sat in the pilot seat just Sora sat down and leaned against the chair with his eyes shut. Donald fell asleep instantly while goofy was staring at the keyblade master with concern. The brunette was awake but looked ready to pass out any second while the blond looked exhausted. Goofy got up and patted his shoulder.
"I can drive," Goofy grinned.
" sure?" Roxas asked as he got up and let Goofy take his place.
"Yep, you can sleep while I'll drive," the dog said as he sat down.
Roxas sat in the back seat and smiled as he closed his eyes. "alright, I'm trusting you." Goofy just grinned again before driving towards their next destination.
Chapter 19
New World, Arrival
Sora groaned lightly as he woke up first. Donald was driving with Goofy and Roxas asleep in the back. The duck shot a glance towards him and smiled as he greeted him. The brunette nodded slowly before fixing his posture. A new, strange
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Chpt 6-Kicked Out
The front door opening made Vanitas shoot up from his position over Ventus. A week and half and he only just now remembered that this was the day Sky was coming home. "I'm home!!" Sky cheered. The door was shut and Ventus only had his shirt fixed while Vanitas only had his pants zipped and shirt off. "boys?" steps made them quickly fix themselves up before grabbing their notebooks and pretending to be doing homework. "Oh Vanitas!" Both looked from what they were doing and smiled at her.
"Hi mom!" Ventus greeted, standing and walking over. He hugged her gently. "how was your trip?"
Vanitas waved at her.
"It was great! I survived a car crash and...two bear attacks at the campsite!" both gaped at her. A car crash and two bear attacks and she was happy? "and all thanks to the lord himself! He kept us safe!"
Chapter 6
Both sweatdropped while she rambled on and Ventus looked towards his lover with a concerned look. Either sky had been serious about her comment or she was playing. Either way,
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Chpt 5-Mom's Away,Time to Play
Ventus and Roxas peaked into their mother's room, she was packing and talking on the phone to someone. Constantly asking questions that consisted of how long it would be, what they could do or if they had anything planned out from the start. The older blond looked down at Roxas, who looked back up at him. They just shrugged and walked into their mother's room just as she got off the phone.
"Mom, are you going somewhere?" Roxas asked.
She looked up and smiled. "oh, hello boys. Yes I am."
Chapter 5
"I am going on a retreat with my christian friend and her church. They invited me only though. I asked if I could bring you but...I couldn't. So I am trusting you two to take care of yourselves," Sky told them as she closed her suitcase up. "and take care of Sora and Vanitas, those two need to be watched doesn't matter. Just take care of them."
"Well how long will you be gone?" Ventus asked, noting Roxas's confused look.
"A week and a half, I may leave early though depending
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Quarantined by LinTimeHero Quarantined :iconlintimehero:LinTimeHero 0 6 Incomplete Comic Short by LinTimeHero Incomplete Comic Short :iconlintimehero:LinTimeHero 0 6 Raito doodles by LinTimeHero Raito doodles :iconlintimehero:LinTimeHero 1 0 'This is my lover.... by LinTimeHero 'This is my lover.... :iconlintimehero:LinTimeHero 2 0 A Single Moment-lineart by LinTimeHero A Single Moment-lineart :iconlintimehero:LinTimeHero 0 0 Back From Flight-lineart by LinTimeHero Back From Flight-lineart :iconlintimehero:LinTimeHero 2 2 Care to join me? by LinTimeHero Care to join me? :iconlintimehero:LinTimeHero 1 0
The Key Final chpt
Reaching his old home town just as the sun finally set, Sora pulled his hood down as he continued to follow Riku through the town. Half way on their walk here though, he noticed that his lover and friend had started to stalk him. Whether or not they were aware that he knew of their presence, he didn't know but he was glad that Roxas and Kairi decided to tag along but remain in the shadows. The brunette didn't know what he was getting into and it felt nice to have some back up. The hunter opened a door for him and he went inside with Riku in tow. The hunter locked the door, making Sora turn towards him.
"Sorry....I didn't mean to startle you..." he stated as Sora looked away. "he is here!"
A door opened and the brunette backed away when he saw who it was that came out of the room.
Chapter 12
Long blue hair pulled back, sharp cold yellow eyes, plain tuxedo and a cross shaped scar on his face. The brunette took a step back and realized that there were no windows in this place
:iconlintimehero:LinTimeHero 1 6
Care for Japan by LinTimeHero Care for Japan :iconlintimehero:LinTimeHero 0 0
Chpt 4-Stalker to Boyfriend
When Sora left the school again, Roxas watched him leave before following the bike towards town. 'its official. I'm a stalker and man...if I get caught by him, I'm dead.' the blond watched him turn down and ally and ran to keep up. He peaked and saw the brunette follow a man into a building. The blond looked up at the sign and stared. The Tavern was a bar. So why was his friend going in there? 'Dammit...I'm underage too.' Roxas cursed his age before turning and walking back towards the school. 'Guess I just have to wait and see, though I'm seriously concerned now.' During the ride, his friend would stop and lean against the bars of his bike. It was obvious his friend was sleep deprived but whether the  brunette was going to admit that or not wasn't certain. 'Just gotta wait for later on and see what happens.'
Chapter 4
Groaning lightly, Sora opened his eyes and stared at what lay in front of him. Glass lay under and some in his arm and he was on th
:iconlintimehero:LinTimeHero 1 8
The Key chpt 11
Kairi woke up and jumped when both Roxas and Sora were smiling at her. The girl stared at them oddly as they sat up and let her sit up. They were in another cave with the sun shining off in the distance. They moved far away with her and while that was normal, she was still confused as to why they had to move her. The redhead turned from the sunlight towards them.
"What just happened? And why am I on the ground?" she asked.
Roxas smiled. " lamest terms, you quite literally dropped dead and were reborn again, this time as a vampire." she stared at him. "hey you asked me to change you and I did, be happy."
Kairi jumped up and hugged him, stunning him at first until he relaxed and returned the hug.
"Thank you! I wonder what power I got!" she cheered as she let go. "I bet its something really cool, like a barrier o-" her words instantly created a barrier but unlike Sora's which was truly invisible until it was hit with an attack, hers was made of lightening that danced around her in
:iconlintimehero:LinTimeHero 0 7
chpt 3-Not Sleeping
Running down the hall and into his room, Sora ignored his brother's snores while he got changed into some semi formal attire with the school colors provided before grabbing his helmet and walking out once again. He closed the front door and grabbed his bike as he walked onto the street. Getting on, he started to pedal down to where Roxas and Ventus lived. Yawning as he rode down the sidewalk and dodging people as he rode by. The brunette finally reached his friend's house in time to see Roxas come running out the door while it smacked Ventus in the head.
"Please tell me you're fast on this thing," the blond started as he climbed on. Sora nodded. "Good, bye Ven!" The brunette started off down the side walk just as Ventus ran at him. Cursing Roxas while the blond told Sora that he drawn on Ventus's face last night as payback for a comment he said. It made Sora laugh as he rode towards the school.
Chapter 3
"Hey do you know my mom, Sky?" Roxas asked, when he could no longer see his older
:iconlintimehero:LinTimeHero 3 7
Chpt 2- Esablishing connection
It felt like forever to Sora as he sat through a whole block, which was about an hour and a half of a teacher lecturing him on what the class was about. What they were going to do and what the rules were and all the stuff that he'd already been told a million times for every single science class that had some lab to do. There was no difference aside from the fact that it be lab work only. Other than that, he was no point in lecturing them for a whole half an hour. It was boring and when  he looked around the class with minor glances, he saw that half of the student body looked ready to just drop dead with boredom.  He groaned silently and continued to half listen while he started to doodle on his paper. The bell rang and finally released them as the teacher shouted out to the classroom that they had to read the first chapter in their textbooks and take notes. Homework on the first day...just his luck.
Chapter 2
The brunette walked out into the hall and pulled his sc
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United States
Sora, Roxas, Lin
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1. Choose some of your OCs
2. Make your OCs answer these questions
3. Tag other people
4. Add one question of your own.
I choose-

1.) What is your name?


2.) What gender are you?

Sora: Female
Aiko: Female silly
Raito: Male
Dante: Male
Ryoko: Male

3.) What is your age?

Sora: 28
Aiko: 9
Raito: 19
Dante: 16
Ryoko: 19

4.) Do you wanna hug?

Aiko: D: I can't have a hug either!
Sora: *hugs Aiko* of course you can
Aiko: :D yay!!
Raito: sure
Ryoko: *pulls Raito close* no, my brother! Get your own!
Raito: Ryoko!!
Dante: ....S-sure

5.) Do you have any bad habits?

Sora: ....I'm passing on this one
Aiko: Not really
Raito: ...yes I do
Ryoko: Touching my brother
Raito: ...*tickmark*
Dante: ....I'm a bit of afraid of everything

6.) Favorite ice cream flavor?

Sora: ....I can't have any
Aiko: There there momma. Mines Mint
Raito: Chocolate
Ryoko: Chocolate
Dante: I can't have ice cream. I'm locked in an asylum

7.) What is your favorite food?

Sora: ....pass (I don't eat enough)
Aiko: Momma lies!! Mine is...momma what is mine?
Sora: should know. its your favorite Ai-chan
Raito: Hmm...a little of everything to be honest
Ryoko: Does Raito count as a food?
Raito: ....Ryoko...
Ryoko: ^^;
Dante: ....Not really, asylum food isn't the best

8.) Have you killed anyone?

Sora: I had to kill....someone...
Aiko: ....really momma?
Sora: ...let's just say Kairi knows the answer
Ryoko: ....not yet at least
Dante: ...O.o....*scared now*

9.) Are you a virgin?

Sora: .....I am...but...I'm not proud of it
Kairi: She lies!!!
Sora: KAIRI!!
*Kairi runs away*
Aiko: ...what's a virgin?
Raito: ....I'm not and should a little girl really be asked this?
Ryoko: I know I aint :D
Raito: .....-.-
Dante: ....I'm confused

10.) Do you hate anyone?

Sora: yeah...quite a few people
Kairi: yeah...I know said few people
Sora: how the hell...Kairi...
Kairi: what? I just...appear like magic
Sora: .....sure....
Kairi: :D
Aiko: I hate Joan
Dante: .....pass
Raito: depends on what they do to me
Ryoko: D:
Raito: ....I don't hate you Ryoko
Ryoko: yay!

11.) Have any secrets?

Sora: I have got enough but you'll nnnneeeevvvveeeerrrr know them
Aiko: I have some but I won't tell you :p
Dante: ....uh...does seeing things count?
Raito: I do but I won't say
Ryoko: I do :I but should I tell?
Raito: NO!!

12.) What's your favorite season?

Sora: Summer
Kairi: and she hates winter
Sora: ....Kairi...
Kairi: what? Its true oh and spring!
Sora: oi vey
Aiko: Spring!
Dante: ....I don't have one
Raito: Winter
Ryoko: I love winter. Raito doesn't wear all those layers like he usually does
Raito: ....-.- Ryoko....
Ryoko: yes?

13.) Who is your best friend?

Sora: Let's see....since she is present, Kairi
Kairi: YES! I have you as a BFF too!
Sora: ....and others
Aiko: ....does family count?
Dante: Blue and Stacey :)
Raito: Tarra
Ryoko: Tarra, Raito

14.) What are your hobbies?

Sora: ......
Kairi: she likes- *sora covers kairi's mouth*
Sora: you'll never know that either
Aiko: I like to read
Dante: ...running from monsters counts right?
Raito: ...aside from Dante's....hobby, I like to hack and steal important date
Ryoko: and I am his partner in crime and master thief!
Raito: you wish....

15.) What is your favorite drink?

Sora: ....Pepsi
Aiko: Water and other stuff
Dante: ....water
Raito: water and tea
Ryoko: tea and Mt. Dew

16.) When is your birthday?

Sora: i- *Kairi covers Sora's mouth* Kairi: hers is February 4th!
Sora: .....*pushes Kairi's hand down* Its October 17th
Kairi: you ruined my joke D:
Sora: ......
Aiko: go to my DA profile
Dante: ...I can't remember mine
Raito and Ryoko: April 10th

17.) What age did you die?

Sora: I'm still alive
Aiko: Still alive
Dante: Still alive last I checked
Ryoko and Raito: we are still alive ya'know!

18.) Are you nice or mean?

Sora: depends
Aiko: nice
Dante: both?
Raito: nice
Ryoko: depends

19.) Are you shy or social?

Sora: ....both
Aiko: both
Dante: neither?
Raito: ....anti social, not shy
Ryoko: anti social as well

20.) What do think of your parents?

Sora: my mom's dead, dad can burn in hell since he is dead
Aiko: momma loves me *hugs Sora*
Sora: :)
Dante: ....I never got to know 'em
Ryoko and Raito: pass

21.) What is your weakness?

Sora: my children
Aiko: my mom and brothers
Dante: ....medication O.o....the major weakness of all us crazy people!!!
Raito and Ryoko: each other

22.) Do you love someone?

Kairi and Aiko: she lies!!
Sora: *blushing* come on!!!
Kairi: she likes someone!
Aiko: we know who!!
Sora: not cool
Kairi and Aiko: :D
Dante: ...I like someone but I am scared of rejection
Raito: your scared of everything
Ryoko: I like my brother *pulls Raito close* get my meaning?
Raito: lay off *shoves Ryoko away*
Ryoko: D:

23.) What do you consider fun in one day-time?

Sora: ...flying around
Aiko: reading
Dante: running from the monsters
Raito: that all you do?
Ryoko: hangin with the bro
Raito: ....uh huh

24.) At night?

Sora: working
Aiko: playing games
Dante: I get sedated so I never know
Raito and Ryoko: we can't tell you

25.) Ever kissed anyone?

Sora, Raito, Ryoko: duh!
Aiko: I haven't
Dante: Nor have I

26.) ....of the same gender?

Sora: yes
Aiko: huh?
Dante: ....I'm passin on this one
Raito and Ryoko: yes

27.) What's your favorite thing to touch?

Sora: clothes count, like real fuzzy warm clothes?
Aiko: what?
Kairi: like clothes out of the dryer right?
Sora: yeah, they are the best
Kairi: :D
Dante: ....pass again
Raito: ....whacko. Nothing
Ryoko: Raito

28.) What is your favor color?

Sora: Blue, black and red among others
Aiko: go to my profile
Dante: white
Raito: red
Ryoko: Blue

29.) Do you have a pet?

Sora: I have quite a bit
Kairi: yeah...try ALOT
Sora: where the hell do you pop up from?
Kairi: ...the magic land of pixies
Aiko: yay pixies!!
Sora: ....huh?
Kairi: wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Sora: .....dear god
Dante: ...and they say I'm crazy
Raito: not really
Ryoko: ...none

30.) What's your pet's name?

Sora: let's see *pulls list out*
Kairi: :D pixie land!!!
Aiko: can I go!!
Sora: no!
Aiko: D: why!
Sora: that is....Kairi's happy place....
Kairi: PIXIES!!! THANK YOU!!! *runs around like a mad person*
Sora: ......
Raito: .....none
Ryoko: I just said we had no pets right?
Dante: ...I don't own any pets

31.) Are you crazy?

Sora: at the moment, I guess I am
Kairi: SO AM I!!
Sora: we already established that
Kairi: Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!
Aiko: ....I'm not crazy but she is
Raito: ...I'm sane
Ryoko: sane
Dante: ....crazy and sane works too right?
All: no it doesn't
Dante: D:

32.) What are you?

Sora: Human/Crow
Aiko: Human/Dove
Raito: human
Ryoko: human
Dante: human

33.) Who here loves M&Ms!

All: ME!!!


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